POGO / V4 RACEPLATE 44° / inkl. Pivotcup /pro Stück

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Andrés De Marco
Bewertung: 5

Great product. Also own a 50º pair (V3). Just one thing, I got these 44º plates with a too snug fitting pivot cup (light blue colored). On the first 50º raceplates I had previously bought it was black, more like your typical Randall pivot cups that were OK, but I could barely fit a Paris pivot inside these blue cups. Swapped them for some Khiro cups I had and now they work great. Could it be that these cups are intended for Sabre hangers which have a thinner pivot? In any case, it doesn't state such a selection anywhere in the product's page, so I assume it was a mistake as my previous set of raceplates came with perfectly Randal/Paris compatible cups. All in all a great product.